PORTLAND — A Portland fire captain and a firefighter are appealing their suspensions that followed a costly collision that occurred during a “training run” in Portland Harbor last month.

Capt. Christopher Goodall and firefighter Joseph Murphy were both suspended without pay for, according to fire officials, failing to follow practices and Coast Guard navigational rules in what Fire Chief Fred LaMontagne said was an avoidable accident on Oct. 15.

Goodall was suspended for 10 days and Murphy for three days. City officials said that 12 civilians were aboard the fireboat when the accident occurred, but the two were not disciplined for that because there was no city policy against taking civilians for rides.

The city has since adopted a policy barring non-official use of the $3.2 million boat.

The accident sheared off a drive shaft and damaged the propeller and rudder of the boat. Repairs cost nearly $60,000 and the city had to cover $25,000 of that under its insurance policy.

The appeal policy in the city’s contract with its firefighters union is a lengthy process that involves initial hearings with the fire chief, city human resources manager and city manager before a final appeal to an arbitrator.

Portland officials said a full appeal through arbitration could take about a year to complete and the city won’t release the results of its investigation of the accident until that process is over.

Goodall and Murphy have completed their suspensions and returned to work in the department’s marine division.