Charlize Theron, who plays one powerful mean queen in “Snow White and the Huntsman,” says she was bullied by a pack of mean girls in school.

Theron, currently working the awards circuit for an acclaimed performance in Jason Reitman’s “Young Adult,” opened up about her days being teased – days that saw a much less glamorous Charlize walking the halls.

“I wore really nerdy glasses because I was blind as could be and the boys didn’t like (me),” Theron told People in New York, where “Adult” was recently screened. “I didn’t have any boyfriends, but lots of crushes.

“I actually got a lot of the mean-girl stuff from the ages of 7 to 12. I was pretty much a mess in primary school,” she said. “But I got that out of my system by the time I got to high school and was more immune to all of that stuff.”

“Adult” casts Theron as a boozy, vicious writer of teen fiction who returns to her hometown to steal back her high school boyfriend.

When going home proves more problematic than she thought, Theron’s character bonds with a former classmate who never quite got over high school either. The film is scheduled to have a limited release Dec.  9.

Yao Ming selling family wine in China at $289 a bottle

NAPA, Calif.  — Former NBA star Yao Ming hopes his 7-foot star power combined with China’s thriving wine market will help his new vintage score a slam dunk with Chinese connoisseurs.

The recently retired Houston Rockets center on Monday released the first-ever bottles of his new Yao Ming-branded wine.

The 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is currently available only in mainland China.

Yao’s company, Yao Family Wines, has produced 5,000 cases of its first release at a cost of $289 per bottle, which includes hefty Chinese import fees. The wine will be available in the U.S. later next year for $170 per bottle.

The 31-year-old retired in July because of chronic foot injuries. He now attends college in Shanghai.

Proceeds from Winehouse dress auction donated

LONDON — The dress worn by Amy Winehouse on the cover of the late singer’s Grammy-winning “Back to Black” album has sold for more than 43,000 pounds ($67,120) at auction.

Kerry Taylor Auctions says the polka-dot chiffon dress, designed in 2006, was purchased by Musea de la Moda – a fashion museum in Santiago, Chile – for 43,200 pounds.

It said the designer of the dress, Disaya, agreed to donate proceeds from the sale to a foundation set up in Winehouse’s name.

Winehouse’s father, Mitch, attended the auction and called the donation a “wonderful start to the foundation,” which was set up to help vulnerable youth after Winehouse’s death in July.

A British coroner ruled that the singer, known for her beehive hairdos, drank herself to death.

Ad showing Steinfeld on rail tracks banned

“True Grit” cutie Hailee Steinfeld has been banned in Britain for an ad shot by noted fashion photographer Bruce Weber. And it’s not because she’s showing too much skin. In the ad for Miu Miu fragrance, Hailee is fully clothed and sitting alone on the edge of a railroad track.

“Because the ad showed Hailee Steinfeld, who was 14 years of age only when the photo was shot, in a potentially hazardous situation sitting on a railway track, we concluded the ad was irresponsible and in breach of the code in showing a child in a hazardous or dangerous situation,” said England’s Advertising Standards Authority.