At the tender age of 16, Alice Limoges is about to bring some veteran presence to stages and speakers statewide. “Not Gonna Fall Asleep Tonight” is an impressive record even before her teenage status is considered.

Like Lady Lamb the Beekeeper before her, Limoges is pouring soul into spare arrangements. Acoustic instruments, unassuming lyrics and a strong voice all serve Limoges well, starting with the haymaker ukulele opener “Maybe I’m in Love.”

It helps that young Limoges comes across as studied (a mark of humility) rather than Bieber-precocious (the worst). “Afraid of the Dark” casts a murky dread across a warm country arrangement befitting Fleetwood Mac. “Catch Me” features loving lead fills, courtesy of Steve Jones, who accompanies Limoges’ rich voice all over the album. The voice is really the meal ticket, with Limoges wielding a low register that reminds one of Regina Spektor.

But she is not immune to missteps. On the snoozer “Someone,” she’s over-singing, pushing too hard to make a dull idea work. Soon enough, arrangements like that for “Humanity” will be tightened and exotic variety added. But this is small peanuts. It’ll be a blast to watch this young singer, awash in talent, hone her craft until her inevitable breakthrough.

Mike Olcott is a freelance writer.

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