– Regarding the Nov. 27 Insight column, “It’s not smart to play dumb,” it would seem with the accompanying caricature of Newt Gingrich that the follow-up wording would be, “but it is perfectly acceptable to consider all primary voters dumb.”

The man and his “consulting” business have pulled in over $55 million in the last 10 years from businesses because Gingrich can connect them to legislators. But he says he’s not a lobbyist? Yes, per the rules he and his former colleagues have written, he is not a lobbyist.

In a rational world, I would follow that up with, “Are you kidding me?” Because certainly every rational person would think, “Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck,” upon hearing him attempting to distinguish between the two.

But then this comes from a man with a career in the legislative body that exempts its members from insider trading rules. And we all should remember how once in power, this champion of term limits said that they should not go into effect for another 40 years. Yet the polls show him rising to the top of the field.

I can understand the attorneys, the delusional people who work in think tanks and the folks who make their livelihood spinning silk out of sow’s hair lapping this nonsense up, but the American public? Really?

Admittedly the primary field is one with some bizarre participants, but nonetheless, it is a horrendous indictment of the primary voter that this guy is considered credible.