WASHINGTON – The Republican-controlled House has passed legislation sought by President Barack Obama to extend Social Security payroll tax cuts through 2012. But the bill also includes a requirement for construction of an oil pipeline that has drawn a veto threat.

The vote was 234-193.

The measure now goes to the Senate, where top Democrats strongly oppose the pipeline provision.

The legislation would also renew jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed. And it would head off a threatened 27 percent cut in fees to doctors who treat Medicare patients.

With lawmakers expected to adjourn soon for the year, the partisan showdown is the last of a remarkably quarrelsome year of divided government.

Reps. Chellie Pingree, D-1st District, and Mike Michaud, D-2nd District, both voted against the GOP bill.

Michaud said the GOP bill would slash unemployment benefits for 1 million Americans next year, including more than 12,500 Mainers. While the bill keeps unemployment benefits from expiring on Jan. 1, it gradually cuts the maximum coverage period from the current 99 weeks to 59 weeks.

“It’s time to stop the politics and get this tax cut done,” said Michaud. “I’m hopeful the Senate can send us back a more balanced, bipartisan approach.”

Pingree also criticized House GOP leaders for including in the bill a mandate to move ahead with the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

“There is plenty to object to,” Pingree said. “It’s just a bad bill.”