I believe that economic injustice does exist. However, I do not believe in the redistribution of wealth, nor that every corporation or successful person is our enemy.

I believe that one group breaking the law (“Occupiers”), to protest that our laws are being broken by another group (“Wall Streeters”), is wrong. Please obey lawful orders from the police when they come — they are among the 99 percent and should not be put in the middle of this clash because of your ongoing and illegal encampment.

I believe in our democracy, not in the parallel universe of the occupy movement. Register to vote, vote and help make our constitutional democracy work.

To the “Occupy” constitutional arguments: Our constitution calls on judges to interpret that great document. Most constitutional rights including speech and assembly are not absolute. The state’s right to impose reasonable restrictions on the time, place and manner in which we exercise those rights has been repeatedly upheld.

To the Portland City Council: Please don’t pick and choose which laws you want to enforce and politicize the law enforcement function. If you want to allow overnight camping in city parks, change the ordinance to allow it!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am increasingly worried that the societal structure of laws and rules and processes, which require some patience and self-discipline and accountability and don’t always allow us to get our way, is giving way to a world without boundaries.

William D. Baker is a resident of Falmouth.