It’s hard to pick up gifts when your dewclaws get in the way.

Luckily for pets, humans have a great crop of recent books to choose from for gift-giving this season. Here are a few sure to make the pet-lover on your list all warm and cuddly.

“Betty & Friends: My Life at the Zoo,” by Betty White (G.P. Putnam’s Sons; $26.95). Everyone’s favorite sassy octogenarian became an animal activist long before she became a Hollywood fixture. Here she tells about the dolphins, elephants and gorillas that have won her heart during her life.

“Unlikely Friendships,” by Jennifer S. Holland (Workman Press; $13.95). The gorilla and the kitten. The elephant and the stray dog. The leopard and the cow. These 47 stories of amazing interspecies friendships inspire and offer new lessons about how love works.

“The Dog Friendly Home,” by Ruth Strother (Creative Publishing International; $16.99). A DIY (Dog It Yourself) project book that can save pup parents real money. Projects include a dog palace, a nightstand bed for watchdogs on night duty and raised dog dishes for ailing diners.

“My Dog: A Kid’s Guide to Keeping a Happy & Healthy Pet,” by Michael J. Rosen (Workman Publishing;. $13.95). Their intentions might be terrific (“Can I have a dog if I promise to take care of it”), but most kids don’t know how big a job dog-care is. This spiral book is a great tutorial. It includes everything from a dry-erase dog-care chart to training basics and fun tricks kids can use to show Fido off and impress the folks.

“No Buddy Left Behind,” by Terri Crisp (Globe Pequot Press; $21.95). True tales of how American soldiers bring home dogs and cats that have become their pets in Iraq and Afghanistan, proving that humans and animals can heal together.

“Your Dog is Your Mirror,” by Kevin Behan (New World Library; $23.95). A new natural dog training method argues that owners can replace Cesar Milan’s Big Dog-dominance techniques with human-dog emotional bonding.

“Dewey’s Nine Lives,” by Vicki Myron with Bret Witter (New American Library; $15). Two new stories are included in this collection of tales about Dewey, the kitten who fell from the sky to adopt a library and change lives.