As the entitlement brigade invades the State House in Augusta to voice their concerns over DHHS cuts, those of us who are picking up the tab remained at work. Did you ever wonder who pays for all these people to spend days in Augusta?

The very reason that most of these DHHS recipients get these health benefits is because they did not make good choices earlier in their lives.

What one has in life boils down to individual choices and initiative. Most in need of DHHS help are short on both.

Many people spent their incomes as fast as they received it and never planned for a future. Many looked at Social Security as their retirement plan, but it was never designed for that initially or even now.

For those who did not save, did not buy long-term care insurance, or even look to the future, they now are part of the reason that most states and the federal government are broke.

Why should those who have made the right choices, went without the popular fun toys and looked at the future, now have to pay for those who did not use that self restraint?

That means that those who did are paying twice; once for their future and now for those who did not plan for theirs. It all boils down to choices!

No, it is not fair for the truly needy to lose their health care, but states are going broke being a nanny to those who were not resourceful enough themselves. Hopefully, there will be enough once the poor planners are weeded out.

Such greed has caused the golden goose to falter and fail. Show me where it says I have to pay for your future as well as my own?

George A. Fogg is a resident of North Yarmouth.