To the editor:

Many people have observed that in this go- around, the Republican Party demonstrated a fickle side of its character. In a few short months, Republicans had:

— A fling with Donald Trump;

— An affair with Michelle Bachmann;

— Cozy time with Rick Perry;

— A sojourn with Herman Cain;

— An infatuation with Newt Gingrich;

— And a long engagement with Mitt Romney.

Who knows, the time might be right for Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman or Rick Santorum.

Sadly, more than half of the Republican candidates have no significant managerial qualifications. Out of the seven major candidates still in the race, only four have run something substantial. The others have thin experience for running the United States.

Huntsman and Romney have run large organizations successfully. Huntsman has run a large family business and been a state governor.

Romney was governor of Massachusetts and president of Bain and Co., a large private equity company.

If more experienced candidates are required, it might not be too late to draft New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg or New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Richard Chapin