SCARBOROUGH — The lawyer for Scarborough Town Councilor Judith Roy met with a prosecutor today to discuss plea negotiations on Roy’s charge of drunk driving stemming from an incident Sept. 17.

The two sides were unable to reach agreement during a pretrial conference in Cumberland County Court set for today so the case is tentatively scheduled for jury selection Feb. 13, but neither Assistant District Attorney William Barry nor defense attorney Matthew Nichols think the case is likely to go to trial.

Roy was charged with operating under the influence of alcohol on Sept. 17, though she was not arrested or booked at the county jail. She also was charged with a separate count of operating under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol content of 0.15. The latter charge would carry a mandatory penalty of two days in jail.

Barry said he offered to allow Roy to plead guilty to the drunk driving offense in exchange for dropping the charge with the more serious penalty. She would pay a $500 fine and have her license suspended for 90 days.

He said it is the same offer prosecutors would make in any similar case to anyone else.

Nichols would not say why he disagreed with the Barry’s offer.

“I’d like him to dismiss the case in a perfect world, but we’re not done with negotiations and I don;t discuss negotiations,” Nichols said. He would not discuss the evidence in the case either.

Roy was present in the courthouse but did not appear in the courtroom. She declined comment.