To the editor:

Whoever you are, please return my coat to Daigle Funeral Home and get your own coat.

I could not believe it on Friday, Dec. 16, when I got ready to go to the cemetery for the committal service that my coat was gone.

There was one coat left, but it was not mine. So I was left to go in the cold until my sweet daughter-in-law gave me her coat to wear to the cemetery. She went to the reception, as there was only one coat between us.

Obviously, you cannot be a friend attending the funeral of my brother- in- law because friends do not do that. It was bad enough losing my brotherin law, but when I found my coat gone, it was a bit much.

It was a beautiful coat. If I ever see you wearing my coat, I will know it because there is no other coat like it. It was one of a kind.

Mary Leeman King