WOOLWICH — The Mainebased medical transcription firm NEMT was recently awarded high marks for its services with the release of the “2011 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report.

The report, published by the KLAS research group, gave NEMT exceptional scores for 2011.

In its first year included in the research, NEMT received an overall performance score of 96.5 out of 100. NEMT also scored 8.8 out of 10 in the “money’s worth” category.

NEMT provided its entire client list to KLAS, which conducts all surveys confidentially.

NEMT (New England Medical Transcription) was listed as a regional company in the early data set. This means that while NEMT serves clients all over the United States, its primary concentration is in New England so the company was not eligible for the Best in KLAS Award.

“We are obviously thrilled that NEMT received such a high score in the market segment,” said NEMT CEO Linda Sullivan. “These numbers prove you don’t have to be the biggest to have high client satisfaction.”

NEMT President Linda Allard, who directly oversees the company’s operations, said the high scores are a testament to the NEMT staff.

“We always knew we had the best team in the industry but this report, published by the health care field’s most prestigious researchers, lets us prove it with hard data,” Allard said.

NEMT is an all-domestic transcription firm that does not offshore any work. The company prioritizes experience in hiring: the average experience of NEMT transcriptionists is 15.8 years and the average experience of NEMT editors, formatters, managers and mentors is 20.1 years.

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