FALMOUTH — Police in four suburban towns are investigating a string of home burglaries they say are being committed by a person, who knocks on a homeowner’s door first.

Lt. John Kilbride of the Falmouth Police Department said a team of detectives from Falmouth, Cumberland, Yarmouth and Freeport are investigating nine burglaries that have taken place over the past month.

Thousands of dollars in merchandise, from jewelry to cameras, have been stolen, Kilbride said.

“He is not using force to enter a home,” Kilbride said.

Typically, the suspect will approach a home, knock on the door, and if a homeowner answers, the suspect will ask for directions.

“The person can be very friendly,” Kilbride added.

But if no one answers the knock, the burglar enters the home through an unlocked door and fills a gym bag – usually taken from inside the home – with merchandise.

“Our advice to homeowners is lock your doors, alarm your homes and call us (if anyone suspicious knocks at your door),” Kilbride said.

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