To the editor:

Rob Peabody worries that those who oppose construction of an Amtrak layover facility at Brunswick West will damage downtown retailers.

He would do well to marshal facts rather than resort to his own fear mongering.

Brunswick has been told that only the facility prevents five to seven trains per day, that noise and vibration impacts will be minimal and that business will be harmed if the garage is built elsewhere.

Lies and scare tactics, indeed.

The debate is hurting us all. Why not get the facts on the table?

This town needs information and open processes to make decisions on a matter as crucial as this.

If the noise is contested, bring a train to the site so it can be studied. If the effects on retail are in question, analyze them.

Where have similar facilities been built, and for how much?

Such basic issues should have been debated fully from the start.

Regardless of where you stand, Brunswick deserves the facts, no?

This is a big decision that will affect a lot of lives. Let’s get this right.

Patrick Rael,

[email protected]