When most women have sex, it’s with men. So when I hear Rush Limbaugh’s misogynistic rants, I wonder why only women get bashed.

And something else: when most people leave rehab, they can see beyond their wanting to be funny and turn instead toward character work, people values, egolessness, and sacrifice. As they wrestle with their demons, they begin to hope for positive influence, to shine a light into their darkness. Otherwise, they “get off” on the intoxicating drug of their perceived importance, having never detoxed from arrogance, whether or not they still “use.” I doubt that Rush benefited from rehab. When he suggests public sex tapes, I mistrust his development in kindness, compassion and sensitivity. 
Some brush off Rush as entertainment. Scary. When I look at my 17-month-old twin grandsons, I question what they might find entertaining about such discourse. I worry what they’ll inherit if “slut” and “prostitute” get laughs. Embracing their giggles and hugs, I wonder what will help them thrive.   
Not hatred. Not divisiveness. Not bullying. I wrote to WGAN to say I won’t listen to their station unless they cancel Limbaugh. A spokesperson said that would be dangerous. To follow our values? To stand for mental-emotional maturity? To promote sorely needed social skills and drop unskillful rhetoric? Really?
I have failures and flaws, but as a woman, I hope to lessen the world’s pain, not add to it. I hope, as Hildegard of Bingen wrote, that we “awaken from our dullness and rise vigorously toward justice.” 
Susan Lebel Young