A Standish woman says she hopes that police will catch the masked men who came into her home and robbed her family at gunpoint early Friday.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said three or four men posing as drug agents ransacked the family’s home while a 6-year-old girl watched. The men stole purses and prescription drugs.

Wendy Turner, 62, the girl’s grandmother, said the child is now afraid to be left alone in a room. Turner, who has numerous ailments, said the assailants stole her pain medicine, OxyContin.

“I’m waiting for them to come and try to take this medication away from me this time,” she said Friday afternoon. “When they come through the door, they’ll be surprised. I will be sitting there with my gun, and I ain’t going to be asking questions. I’m just going to start shooting. When they come through my door, they will be laid right out like logs in the woods.”

The robbery occurred shortly after 6 a.m. at 1187 Pequawket Trail. The house is on a dirt road off Route 113 in the Steep Falls section of Standish.

The men claimed to be from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and wore “black silky suits” and shirts with “DEA” printed on them, Turner said. They also stole money and cigarettes before fleeing, police said.

Turner said she was the only occupant of the house who was awake when the men arrived because she had trouble sleeping all night and was watching television.

She said the lights went out suddenly. Then she heard banging at the door and men hollering, “DEA, DEA. Come out of the bedroom and put your hands on your head.” She said they were carrying flashlights.

Turner said her son-in-law opened the door before the men kicked it in.

The assailants threw him on the floor, put a knee on his back and a gun to his face, and told him not to move, she said. They used plastic ties to handcuff him.

They also handcuffed her brother, she said. Turner’s daughter and granddaughter were brought into the living room.

She said the assailants had cut the power to the home, leaving the family in the dark and her unable to use her oxygen tank. She said the men ransacked the house, looking for prescription drugs.

She said they began complaining that their dogs had not arrived. They then left, saying they were looking for their dogs.

When they didn’t return, she said, the family realized that the men were robbers, not federal agents. That’s when the family called 911.

Turner said the assailants knew that she was taking painkillers. She is now asking friends to help her figure out who had that information.

She said her family has had a difficult winter. A fire just before Christmas damaged their living room and part of the kitchen.

“We had nothing to cook for Christmas dinner,” shes said. “We made it through that, and now we have to go through this, all because of those drugs.”

Also Friday, the sheriff’s office announced that two men were arrested in connection with a home invasion Tuesday night in Naples.

The men had planned to steal prescription narcotics from a home on Crooked Way, according to a news release. One of them tried to pass himself off as a “Cumberland County law enforcement officer,” a resident told investigators.

Deputies who responded shortly before midnight saw a vehicle leaving the area and stopped it, arresting one of the occupants. They later arrested a second man.

Raymond Miller, 26, of Hancock Road in Casco is charged with robbery, according to a Cumberland County Jail official. James McCoy, 23, of Chipmunk Lane in Naples, is charged with robbery and criminal mischief.

Investigators recovered a pellet handgun and a baseball bat that they say were used in the robbery. Miller and McCoy were being held in the jail Friday night on $250 bail each.

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