For 19 years now, I’ve watched the skyline of Portland simply not change. That’s wrong for a city with a life and much to offer local, U.S. and world travelers.

There’s lots that’s good in this city. Here are two additions that would be easy and natural to take Portland to a whole different level of greatness.

Build a world-class aquarium on land behind the Gulf of Maine Research Institute on Commercial Street. It’s a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t assist in raising funds to defray costs? Who wouldn’t clamor to pay for naming rights?

Build a light rail system. It’s a natural to draw the whole transportation system together and create a world-class walking town. It would bridge the airport and the Amtrak/bus terminal easily enough, then follow Commercial Street all the way to Franklin, up Franklin and along Marginal Way or behind it to the abandoned tracks behind the ballfields/Expo to complete the circle. Think about the wildly effective urban lines of Denver, Sacramento and New Orleans. They are heavily used and self-sustaining. Can you say federal transit funding?

Tell me where to sign up. I’m ready to work. These two simple ideas will bring huge economic benefits to Portland and further polish the image we seek and should enjoy for our world-class destination: Portland, Maine.

We’ve started down the path, let’s finish. No joke. “We need to do this thing,” as they say. It is exciting, will excite and has no downside, not even to the NIMBY types.