If you are a local music enthusiast, you have most likely heard Pete Kilpatrick’s melodious rock via radio waves or a spinning disc. A ubiquitous presence on the scene since 2003, Kilpatrick and his mostly new band (Ed Dickhaut, drums; Tyler Stanley, keyboards; Pete Morse, lead guitar; and Matt Cosby, bass) have validated that they are worthy of our admiration.

Kilpatrick’s new CD, “Heavy Fire,” to be released Tuesday, is a conglomerate of charming and intricately arranged, sweet-sounding rock that is sure to delight just about anyone’s astute ear. Everything recorded on this album seems to be wrapped up with precise strategy, yet there is also a loose feeling of tenderness and warmth, easily bringing the listener on board Kilpatrick’s free-feeling, buoyant party boat.

The title track incorporates catchy verses, chorus, guitar licks and hypnotizing percussion, and there really is no going wrong here. Kilpatrick’s lyrics sway and groove: “Home is where you heart is/ Home is where you left it/ Home is what you make it.” Simple and unfeigned, the lyrics complete the joyful journey through and through for the obliging listener.

“Hold Your Breath” bends the ear a bit, as it begins quite differently than the rest, boasting energetic drums and drama-filled keys — but soon, the Kilpatrick signature sound settles in and you are floating along again, enjoying the easy-going spirit and genuine soul residing within the album.

Dreamy and vibrant, “Drifting in Color” shines with lovely guitar and  bewitching lyrics, mostly expounding upon life’s mysteries of love and remorse. “If we make it out alive, I promise I will change my ways/ I’ll be a better man, I’ll be a stronger man/ I’ll feed these memories to a raging river,” Kilpatrick swoons. The song earnestly calls on the listener to pay attention, maybe reminding us all of the moments we should covet, and to discard the destructive devices we so often cling to as we fall victim to life’s treachery.

It seems that the Pete Kilpatrick Band has reached a new pinnacle of success. Not only has it played many shows right alongside popular acts such as the Dave Matthews Band and graced the stages of the Sundance Festival, it seems it has now captured the true essence of this type of triumph — an unorthodox brethren united in gifted musicality, resolve and sincere, unyielding fellowship.

Kristin DiCara-McClellan is a local freelance writer. She can be reached at:

[email protected]


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