PORTLAND — An off-duty Cumberland County corrections officer helped Portland police apprehend a distraught man who was waving a handgun on Forest Avenue on Tuesday morning.

Deputy Richard Kimball, who had just finished his overnight shift at the jail, was on his way home at 7 a.m. when he spotted the man waving the gun at motorists near 880 Forest Ave.

Fearing for the school bus full of children that were behind him, Kimball convinced the 64-year-old to step on the sidewalk and put his gun in his pocket. The man complied, but then pulled his gun out again, prompting Kimball – who was in uniform but in his personal vehicle – to draw his service weapon.

A Portland officer arrived and also drew his weapon. Both officers ordered the man to put down the gun. Instead, he raised his arms in the air and yelled at the officers to shoot him.

The man did accidentally dropped his gun. When he reached to pick it up again, Kimball tackled him and he was taken into custody, then taken to Maine Medical Center for a psychological evaluation.

Kimball and Portland Officer Dan Rose appeared at a press conference at the Portland Police Department where Chief Michael Sauschuck described their actions as “heroic.”