KENNEBUNK — A Biddeford man is being held in connection with at least 20 residential burglaries in Biddeford and Kennebunk, and he is a suspect in burglaries in other towns, police said.

Kennebunk police arrested Michael L. Clough, 31, on Saturday on a warrant of burglary and theft. The arrest follows an extensive investigation into 12 home burglaries in one week in Kennebunk.

Officer Joshua Morneau, an evidence technician, recovered physical evidence that ultimately linked Clough to more than 20 burglaries in the two communities. Most of the break-ins occurred during the day, according to a release from Kennebunk Lt. Anthony Bean Burpee.

Clough allegedly stole mostly flat screen televisions that police say he traded for money or drugs. He has been linked to 13 burglaries so far in Kennebunk and 9 in Biddeford and one attempted burglary there, police said.

He is being held in York County Jail on $25,000 bail.

Police warned residents that daytime burglaries are on the increase. Would-be burglars often knock first, and if someone answers they say they are looking for someone or offer to do yard work, said Chief Robert MacKenzie. If nobody answers, they will usually try to break in from the rear of the house to avoid being seen, he said.