The watchful eyes of the fox are ever on the vineyard. Biding his time, he waits until the farmer leaves, then with a bounding leap he is over the wall, devouring a meal of golden grapes.

If the fox is especially clever, and the crop is a fine one, a higher and better wall is needed.

Marriage is more valuable than any vineyard or field, because marriage is needed for the propagation of human life.

For that reason, marriage must be fenced in with a wall of right reasoning and logic, with each block in that wall, whether it be civil or religious, skillfully made and well-fitting.

While the sacred union of one man and one woman for life is for fruition, same-sex “marriage” hinders propagation.

While marriage between man and woman is needed for the proper education of children, same-sex marriage teaches away from the most basic truths pertaining to the meaning of gender.

Same-sex “marriage” is not merely an alternative form of marriage.

It is the opposite of marriage.

And at the very moment society accepts the illogic of same-sex “marriage,” the wall around traditional marriage shatters and crumbles into dust.

There can be no moral or legal right to claim what does not exist in nature and for which no proper term be found.

The term “same-sex marriage” contains an inherent contradiction, and is therefore false.

Advocates of same-sex marriage claim they are victimized by being denied this nonexistent right.

Yet these same activists drag caterers and photographers into court for refusing to participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies.

If we lose the referendum on same-sex marriage, objecting to homosexuality on religious or moral grounds may someday become a crime, as it is now a crime in Canada, in Britain and in Europe.

A case in point is the recent lawsuit against Dr. Scott Lively.

Dr. Lively is a theologian and evangelist who runs a mission for the homeless in Springfield, Mass.

Dr. Lively is being sued in federal court for comments he made in opposition to homosexuality, not here in America, but in Uganda.

The lawsuit against Dr. Lively alleges he committed crimes against humanity when he spoke out against homosexuality.

Nor will the homosexual rights movement rest content after they have criminalized opposition to homosexuality.

The homosexual rights movement will compel the public to acknowledge same-sex marriage as worthy as, and yes, even preferable to, traditional marriage.

Children are now being taught this lesson in the public schools.

If pro-family groups rely solely on their current message – that marriage is good for society – while ignoring the tactics and goals of the same-sex marriage movement, the upcoming referendum vote will be the demise of traditional marriage in Maine.

Pro-family groups must do more than use the same message the homosexual rights movement is using.

Praising marriage while ignoring those who wish to destroy marriage is like the vinedresser who takes his eyes off the fox in order to tend his vines.

Meanwhile, our opponents wait patiently, referendum after referendum, lawsuit after lawsuit.

Pro-family organizations in Maine are not defending marriage with this message.

They are planning for defeat.

The advocates of same sex marriage are well-organized.

They are clever, resourceful, and relentless.

They enjoy every worldly advantage, including financial support and advice from Boston, New York and abroad.

Meanwhile, the vineyard is laid waste by promiscuity, divorce and abortion.

Those who are noncommittal on the issue of same-sex marriage say let the wall fall, because the vineyard is no longer worth having.

The advocates of same-sex marriage welcome this argument.

But the advocates of same-sex marriage do not desire marriage.

They are working hard to create an institution which is the opposite of marriage.

And if they succeed, an already blighted vineyard will become no vineyard at all.

It is left to the rest of us to repair the wall.

This can only be done by having the clearest possible understanding of the methods and goals of our opponents.

Praising marriage while ignoring those who wish to destroy marriage is like the vinedresser who takes his eyes off the fox in order to tend his vines.