Mt. Ararat High School recently honored its top winter athletes.

The boys’ basketball team gave a Coach’s Award to Tyler Charron. Joey Van Note was named Outstanding Senior.

The JV squad’s Coach’s Award went to Jake Demosthenes.

The freshman team’s Coach’s Award was given to Kevin Carter.

Girls’ basketball’s Outstanding Senior was Molly Ester. Leah Hitchcock got the Coach’s Award.

The JV team gave its Coach’s Award to Libby Davis.

Boys’ hockey’s Coach’s Award went to Justin Grant. Thomas Gross was named Outstanding Senior.

Boys’ track gave its Coach’s Award to Ryan Smith. Seth Bryant was named Outstanding Senior.

The girls’ team’s Coach’s Award was won by Elizabeth O’Neal. Alicia Eggleston was named Outstanding Senior.

In the pool, Joe Ashouwak won the boys’ Coach’s Award, Brittani Littleford the girls’. William McCorkle was named boys’ Outstanding Senior. Catherine Tringali was named the girls’ team’s Outstanding Senior.

Nate McKenzie won the boys’ Nordic skiing Coach’s Award.

Morgan Martin won the girls’ Nordic skiing Coach’s Award and Emma Wood was named Outstanding Senior.

Felipe Gunter won the wrestling Coach’s Award. Corey Allen was named Outstanding Senior.

Katelyn Gibson won the cheering Coach’s Award. Nikki Wadlington was named Outstanding Senior.

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Leah Hitchcock won the girls’ basketball Coach’s Award.

Joey Van Note was named the Outstanding Senior on the boys’ basketball team.

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