It isn’t hard to see when the opening salvo by Gov. LePage in his war on workers began. It was when he removed a historical mural from the Department of Labor.

Contrary to the March 30 column by M.D. Harmon (“With mural ruling, judge sides against propaganda”), I must say I am, like most other union workers, outraged by U.S. District Judge John Woodcock’s ruling that LePage was within his rights to censor this artwork.

This was not the only example of LePage’s hatred of workers and the middle class though. Harmon “forgot” to mention that rooms in the department named after famous labor leaders like Cesar Chavez were erased and numbered instead.

LePage then rubbed salt in the wounds. He didn’t just remove this mural, which is state property; he has buried it. Like a spoiled child he taken it away and won’t tell taxpayers where it is.

LePage’s politically motivated and legally questionable actions are emblematic of a war on workers throughout America. With the charge being led by Congress, Maine and other states have taken steps to ensure that workers’ rights are curtailed or ended. It is “death by a thousand cuts” to workers and unions nationwide. The cornerstone of workers’ rights, collective bargaining and the ability to organize by unions, are under attack by the 1 percent.

Workers, however, are fighting back. We remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was killed when he went to Memphis 44 years ago this month to support striking sanitation workers. Labor rights are human rights. We will not let the greedy “banksters” on Wall Street and the hostile heads of state take away our hard-earned rights.