FORT WORTH, Texas – American Airlines plans to lay off 1,200 non-union workers by the end of the summer as part of its corporate restructuring, as it closes a Tucson, Ariz., reservation center and outsources sky caps and some customer service and gate agents.

On Wednesday, the Fort Worth-based carrier outlined plans to reduce annual employee costs by $95 million for 10,000 non-union workers in a group covering agents, representatives and planners. These cuts, which include some pay and work rule changes to be implemented within the next two to four months, are in addition to the proposed 13,000 layoffs among pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and ground workers that American announced in February. American has said it wants all of its workers, union and non-union, as well as members of management, to reduce employee-related costs by 20 percent for $1.25 billion in annual employee-related savings as the company attempts to emerge from bankruptcy.