In regards to the column “Professors plot in cyber schoolyard” by Bill Nemitz: I am a single mother and a senior psychology student at the University of Southern Maine.

The teachers I have had at USM have been an undeniable influence in my life. They breathe life into learning and inspire students to dig into important issues.

They facilitate learning on a personal level that I have not experienced in any other school system (I was a student at Tulane and SMCC).

These teachers are the center of the school and they belong there! They are talented, educated, insightful, helpful, understanding and an important part of the local community.

To publish personal comments in your newspaper about these professors who are working diligently to inspire young adults, while adding invaluable research to the greater society, is insulting.

It is not just insulting to the teachers, students and university, it is insulting to anyone who reads your newspapers. Presenting the hardest working members of the educational system in such a negative light is a disgrace. I know specific teachers mentioned in this article and they are all very well liked and outstanding teachers.

Maybe next time information like this is presented to your paper you will consider digging a little deeper than just emails sent back and forth and consider publishing an article with integrity that focuses on uncovering the dynamic of the issue, rather than sensationalizing and scrutinizing the very people who enlighten our society.

Averil Garnett is a resident of South Portland.