HAMPSTEAD, N.H. — The state of New Hampshire is asking a fire chief to pay back $80,000 of his pension.

The Eagle-Tribune reports Michael Carrier retired as chief of the Londonderry Fire Department in 2007. That qualified him for a state pension. But then, Carrier got a full-time job as fire chief in Hampstead.

Marty Karlon, a spokesman for the New Hampshire Retirement System, said state statute only allows retirees with a pension to hold part-time positions. Karlon said Carrier worked full-time in Hampstead for a little more than a year, so the state is seeking the pension payments made over that time.

Carrier appealed at a hearing last week, but again was ordered to pay.

Carrier has declined to comment. According to the Eagle-Tribune, Carrier’s lawyer argued that he was appointed to the Hampstead position for a fixed term, which is an exception to the state statute on pensions.

Carrier has 30 days to appeal to the state Supreme Court.