CHARLESTON, S.C. — A South Carolina coroner has ruled that parental neglect led to a 2-month old infant being killed and dismembered by a dog as the boy’s father slept nearby.

Coroner Chris Nesbit said today the death of Aiden McGrew has been ruled a homicide and the infant died from blood loss after being mauled.

Sheriff L.C. Knight said no charges have been filed but he is meeting with the solicitor’s office and may have an announcement in a couple of days.

The child was found in his Dorchester County home Friday morning after being attacked and dismembered by his family’s pet dog while in a swing. Authorities said the child’s father was sleeping in an adjoining room with another child at the time.

A Dorchester County deputy said the mother of the child called 911 when she got home around 11 a.m. and discovered the boy’s leg was severed by a retriever mix the family had taken into the home a few weeks earlier.