The Maine League of Young Voters has endorsed former Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap in his bid for U.S. Senate.

The League issued a statement calling Dunlap “a dynamic and thoughtful progressive who has some reasonable ideas to attack the problems facing our country today. Matt is the pragmatic progressive in this primary.” 

The Maine League of Young Voters hosted a forum for candidates in Portland April 15. It was attended by all  four Democratic candidates: Dunlap, Rep. Jon Hinck, Sen. Cynthia Dill and Benjamin Pollard. No Republican candidates participated.

A poll of the 34 people who attended the forum ended with Hinck first, followed by Dunlap, Dill and Pollard, respectively. Dunlap said in a written statement that he is concerned about the issues facing young people, including education costs and uncertain job prospects. 

“I entered this race because I felt it was important to have a senator who knows what it’s like every day to punch a clock, solve problems, and make it possible for my daughter and so many other young Americans like her to stay here in Maine and thrive,” Dunlap said.