PORTLAND — The parties in the legal battle involving former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rosa Scarcelli and her family members are awaiting a federal judge’s decision on part of the complex dispute.

Scarcelli has sued her stepfather, Karl Norberg, alleging that he allowed her mother, Pamela Gleichman, to mismanage several family-run housing projects in danger of being taken over by the federal agency that provided the financing.

Norberg and Gleichman have countersued, and Scarcelli sought to have their counterclaim dismissed.
The motions on the dismissal of the counterclaim have been filed as of today, so the judge will be able to rule on them.

In another area of the dispute, U.S. District Judge George Singal ruled that Gleichman is barred from transferring any proceeds from any sale of a Norwalk, Conn., property to anyone besides a trust that is a limited partner in the project.

Scarcelli’s lawyers are now working on a motion in support of making that injunction permanent.