Spizzy Spose, you are our hero. While you may not be everyone’s musical cup of tea, you have nailed us on the map for something more significant — heart, ingenuity and fervor. Rolling with the punches and doing it your way, we all want to say we knew you back when you were just a young rhyming cat with sweet beats, a self-deprecating, amusing spirit, and a dream.

Spose is Ryan Peters, hailing from Wells. Spewing out beats and rhymes for more than 10 years, he eventually got signed to Universal Republic Records in 2010, but left shortly after. Today, he relinquishes to you the 11-song CD “The Audacity!”, penned and busted out on his own terms.

In the first track, “Blow Out My Candle,” Spose’s voice struts and rolls: “If there is really a big fluffy Jesus in the clouds, let him know right now that I’d take it all back/ If there really is a muscular cackling red devil in the ground, you should tell him to save me a shack.” The songs’ layers are poured on, and in anticipation, we finally settle in to relish in his familiar, superlative humor and pulse.

“Gee Willikers” pokes fun at the Spose haters, hearkening back to the days of “I’m Awesome,” his big radio hit in 2010. It is that character that helped him rise up from the depths of a choking hold that the dichotomy of what he represented had on him.

On a serious note, “Jimmy” starts out with some cool trumpet tracks, then some keys and a building guitar, producing a sound of impending doom. Spose unearths something more than the tongue-in-cheek verse that most of us heard originally in his literary smite.

Peters is like that kid in school who goes underground. He is opposite of all that glitters “Leave It to Beaver” and instead revels in his truth, and that is his gift. People love him partly because he is the underdog. Whether it’s the white rapper from Maine (what?) or the lifelong fans of the beloved dark horse for so long — the Red Sox — us Mainahs know what it’s like to fly under the radar.

But sometimes recognition is just what the doctor ordered. And now, thanks to Spose, we can go carousing on the town in celebration of some props from the powers that be with that skinny white rapper from Wells who we just love to love.

Kristin DiCara-McClellan is a local freelance writer. She can be reached at:

[email protected]