AUGUSTA — Maine transportation officials say the summer highway improvement agenda includes nearly $56 million for 36 new highway construction projects.

It includes $104 million in total for construction projects.

Of that, $37 million will go to bridges, with $25 million for 15 new bridge construction projects, and nearly $10 million for three existing bridge projects awaiting bidding.

Officials say that this summer and fall, construction crews throughout the state will be digging, paving and building.

According to a news release from the Maine Department of Transportation, the list of projects includes:

• $6 million for the Portland 295 bridge deck work
• $15.9 million for the Falmouth-Portland Martins Point Bridge
• $2.2 million for road construction on Route 1 in Van Buren
• $5.3 million for highway paving on I-95 in Newburgh-Plymouth
• $2.5 million for paving on Route 1 in Wells
• $2.5 million for paving on Route 9 and Route 202 in Unity-Dixmont

State officials say the projects will employ hundreds of workers.