A man whom Jason Twardus’ lawyers describe as an alternative suspect in the 2007 slaying of Twardus’ ex-fiancee has been arrested.

Calvin DeGreenia was arrested by police from Nashua, N.H., on Monday, charged with failing to appear in a New Hampshire court in connection with the Twardus case. DeGreenia had been subpoenaed to testify in a hearing in York County in which Twardus was arguing for a new trial, but DeGreenia could not be found.

The hearing Monday in York County Superior Court went into recess until DeGreenia could be located.
Twardus is serving a 38-year sentence following his conviction last year in the strangling death of 30-year-old Kelly Gorham.

Twardus’ lawyers say a new trial is warranted, in part, because they learned that DeGreenia was arrested for attempting to choke his live-in girlfriend. He pleaded guilty in December to felony assault.

DeGreenia lived on the same Alfred property as Gorham and is believed to be among the last people to see her alive.

Twardus’ lawyers have argued that DeGreenia and the late John Durfee, Gorham’s landlord and DeGreenia’s employer, killed Gorham and framed Twardus.

The hearing is scheduled to resume May 11.