I am appalled that you would use your position of influence to pass on your view that the Public Utilities Commission “made the right call on wind power investment” (Our View, April 15)!

In your own words, “Nothing is as simple as it looks when it comes to wind.” Initially, when I saw these wind towers springing up on our beautiful mountains and hilltops, I had mixed feelings.

One would have to be completely unaware of the problems facing our world in regard to the impact of fossil fuels to not question the feasibility of alternate energy.

However, after becoming more informed of the questionable benefits of this form of energy and the ensuing problems with it, I am no longer a “fence-sitter” and will oppose any further development of this so-called answer to our energy problems.

I would also have to question the motivation of many of the developers and backers of those who are trying to promote wind power.

Margaret Liversidge is a resident of Rangeley.