Organizers at the Maine Republican State Convention have released a list of the 15 at-large delegates slated to go to the national Republican convention in Tampa, Fla.

The slate is comprised almost entirely of Ron Paul backers. Only Gov. Paul LePage has not endorsed a candidate.

The delegates are below accompanied by a bit of personal information when available. 

The convention is still in a bit of disarray after Paul supporters took control of the convention on Saturday. Voting for the rest of the national convention delegates is scheduled to take place. Some voting is happening right now. 

Here’s the list of 15 at-large delegates and very cursory information (when available):


Landon St. Peter

John Birch Society, Field Coordinator for Maine

Exec. Secretary (interim), Coastal Liberty Caucus

Exec. Secretary, Brunswick Republican City Committee

Member, Maine Patriots

Member, The Maine Tea Party

Constitutional Coalition


Brent Tweed

Maine campaign for Liberty Region 1 Coordinator

Maine Republican State Committee member

York County Republican Executive Committee member

North Berwick Republican Committee Co-chair

Constitutional Coalition 


Pete Harring

Founder, The Maine Tea Party

Transition team, LePage Adminsitration

Constitutional Coalition


Ashley Ryan

Candidate for state committee woman

Works for L.L. Bean


Matt MacDonald

Pastor and GOP caucus chairman for the city of Belfast


Sam Canders

works for the Paul campaign

Air Force veteran


Eric Brakey

Maine State Director

Ron Paul Presidential Campaign


Bryan Daughtery

Bangor resident, web developer

Paul LePage

Governor of Maine (has not endorsed a candidate)


Bernie Johnston

South West Harbor resident

Lieutenant for Lamoine Fire Department


John Jones

Veteran from greater Portland area


Erin Daly


Kevin Pierce

Resident of greater Portland area


Alexander Titcomb


Mike Wallace

South Portland resident, veteran.