Sweet and spunky, and with an air of innocence. That is Amy Allen’s spirited persona in music.

If you have not heard of her yet, Allen, from South Portland, is one to keep an eye on. She has made a definite impression on the local music scene and on the national stage as well, trying out for the popular TV show “The Voice.”

With the help of veteran local music favorite Spencer Albee, Allen has put together a lovely six-song EP, “Neptune,” which represents her musical assets almost from the first note rendered by instrument and pitched by voice. All six songs are cohesive and beautifully structured and arranged.

Allen’s vocal style is reminiscent of Norah Jones and Taylor Swift, and the music has a likeness of the latter.  It’s extremely catchy and poppy music, and very pleasant to listen to.

Most songs seem to be about the omnipresent theme of love. On the fourth track, “Oh Peter,” this is especially apparent. (If Peter didn’t know her feelings before, he does now!) She seems to sing this song with a little more liveliness than the rest, and I enjoyed her ebullience: “Oh Peter/ You’re all I ever need/ I wanna be the girl to say, ‘I love you too.’ “

The innocence that exudes from “Neptune” comes about organically, as Allen is only 20 years old. With a cache of musical experience that an older soul would probably encompass, she has clung tight to her dream of being a songwriter/singer since she was a very young girl, and that is where her purity lies. Allen has true style and heart, and a winsome, standout voice.

Most importantly, though, she possesses a kind of strength that most people do not have, even if they hold the innate talent.

Allen is the epitome of someone who projects the spirit of the famous quote from Thomas Edison: “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”

Allen is going for her dream, playing her heart out — and that is a gift. Hopefully, she will continue for years to come, as she has just about everything it takes to become a success in this business.

Follow your bliss, Amy. Everyone is standing up and taking notice now. Just stay true to who you are, and enjoy the untamed and exhilarating journey you have ahead of you.

Kristin DiCara-McClellan is a local freelance writer. She can be reached at:

[email protected]


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