Dana Milbank’s recent column (“Candidate needs to find strength to push back against voices of hatred,” May 10) is a continuation of an unfathomable attempt by liberals to portray themselves as the voices of reason and anyone with more conservative views who disagrees with them as haters, bigots, misogynists, etc.

I am flummoxed by this argument. Do the people who actually accept this portrayal pay attention to what goes on in our country? Did Milbank and others like him speak up when movies were made about assassinating President Bush, or when Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann were demonized almost daily?

I don’t recall Milbank or other liberal pundits talking about civility when liberal politicians regularly denigrate and speak condescendingly about people in the tea party, simply because those people have a different view on how our government should be run.

I’m curious if the people who really think conservatives have cornered the market on hatred have ever listened or watched the likes of “liberal entertainers”‘ like Bill Maher, Ed Schultz or Keith Olbermann. Or is the filth coming from these people OK, since they parrot what liberals want to hear and in fact agree with?

Conversely, if you want to see some “real-time” examples of “iberal compassion, understanding and willingness to work toward a solution,” log on to Moveon.org and read what’s being said by the liberal elite in the ongoing forums there. But make sure your children aren’t looking over your shoulder if you do.

There seems to be plenty of hate going around the country these days. As long as liberals like Milbank continue to fantasize that they hold the moral high ground and it’s only the “other guys” that have anger issues, there is little hope of this country ever moving to the center.

Dave Johnson is a resident of Kennebunk.