At any one time, hundreds of clinical trials are under way in the United States to test simpler and more effective ways to treat and prevent HIV infection, which afflicts more than 1 million people in this country. Most of those in the United States with HIV — and with full-blown AIDS — are men. So, understandably, men make up the majority of the participants in the trials.

However, women, who account for 25 percent of those living with HIV in the United States, are significantly underrepresented in clinical trials, according to infectious-disease researchers and health professionals. For instance, a recent report on the promising “Quad” pill — a single daily tablet that combines several medications — noted that one trial had 700 participants. Just 10 percent were women.

Community health providers need to be equally aggressive about staying in touch with research institutions and keeping abreast of studies enrolling new participants. Women should be encouraged to consider joining those studies. The information on clinical trials is out there. Let’s get it into the hands of women with HIV and sign them up.