Politics. Just the word brings negative thoughts to my mind. I, like many Americans, often take our freedoms for granted. Elections have come and gone that I have not used my right to vote. Signs pollute the roadways around election time. Red, blue, green, rainbow. One big popularity contest.

I moved to Freeport with my family a few years ago and we have met some wonderful people. You know, the people who remember you after just one meeting. They remember your spouse’s name and your kids’ names. Genuine people, real people.

If you want a genuine, honest, caring, very hard-working, real person to represent you, then please vote for Melanie Sachs, Democratic candidate in House District 106, Freeport and Pownal.

This year I pull my head out from under the rock and exercise my right to vote. Please do the same by supporting Melanie Sachs.

Stephen Young