The Bill Nemitz column on May 25 (“‘It kind of is a cry for help … for everyone’“) told a very sad story of a girl who reached out to an administrator at her school for support and was unacceptably ignored.

She asked again with a letter and paper proof of her bullying but was ignored again.

As a public school teacher, an administrator and a teacher of teachers at Boston College and Simmons College, I know there have always been bullies in our schools.

They are still there today, and no matter how hard we try, they will be there for our tomorrows. Some kids are just mean.

The thing that is intolerable about this situation is that a child told an adult and was ignored.

Kids know that some of their peers are cruel. Sadly, most also know that some of their teachers are cruel. There’s a special place in hell for adults who harm kids.

But there are many more who are simply apathetic to the needs of their students.

They would never knowingly hurt a child, yet they walk by and ignore one who is being teased, bullied or taunted and never say a word. For the victim, that makes the hurt so much worse. For the aggressors, that makes hurt acceptable.

A vice principal’s job is to support each student calmly and professionally.

The victim should be safe and the accused respected until the truth is out.

If punishment is due, it should be swift, quiet, fair and appropriate. There are enough histrionics in a middle school or high school without having the adults act like teens.

Every adult in a school should be vigilant to bullying.

Sometimes the simple words, “Knock it off,” go a long way.

Listen up, teachers and administrators.

It’s time to make our schools a safe place for all kids.

It should never hurt to be a child.

Joan Dawson is a resident of Kennebunkport.