Demagoguery is neither desired nor necessary in Falmouth. Former Councilor Cathy Breen’s letter castigated Bryan Dench, a candidate for town councilor, by asserting Dench’s past position relating to gay people being granted the right to marry (he was against it) as an outright disqualification of his character and integrity.

While on the Town Council, Breen vigorously supported and pushed the move to spend our money on moving the library. She was not successful. The voters rejected it. Breen now seeks to thwart the voice and cast aspersions, denigrate and destroy Dench by demagoguery and innuendo, denying him election to the council.

Breen’s tenure on the council left a great deal to be desired when it came to deportment, courtesy and plain old good manners. It appears she hasn’t changed.

Ronald A. Hart