WATERVILLE — An assault-type rifle and a shotgun were among four guns stolen recently in separate incidents.

The assault rifle and two handguns were stolen early Monday in a burglary at JR’s Trading & Pawn shop at 100 Elm St., according to police Chief Joseph Massey.

A Water Street resident reported Sunday that the shotgun was taken from her home sometime last week, he said.

“So, we now have four stolen weapons out there on the street,” Massey said. “With the increase of pharmacy robberies, that’s very alarming and very concerning. Generally, people who steal firearms use them to commit armed robberies, so we are doing everything possible to try to recover these firearms.”

An alarm around 3 a.m. alerted police to the pawn shop robbery. Officers found a window and door had been smashed with a rock.

Sgt. Bill Bonney and Officer Robert Bouley went inside and thought the burglar may still be there, Massey said. Knowing the area inside the shop was large and contained firearms, they called for help from Winslow and Oakland police.

State police Trooper Rick Moody also responded with a dog and searched the building, but no one was found.

Detective Alan Perkins was called in, collected and processed evidence and remained on the scene until about 8 a.m. Monday, according to Massey.

“We’re working very diligently to see if we can’t come up with a suspect and recover these guns,” he said

Massey said the three guns are worth about $2,000.

The 12-gauge shotgun was reported missing by a woman at 22 Water St., who said she noticed it missing on Saturday and had last seen it five day earlier, Massey said.

“She was able to give the officer names of people who had been visiting her over the last five days and at this point, we are following up and talking to these people to see if they have knowledge about the shotgun or the whereabouts of the shotgun.”