FALMOUTH — Traffic is back to normal on the Maine Turnpike following a crash of a well-drilling truck this morning.

The truck crashed into the median guardrail this morning at mile 50, slowing traffic in both directions.

The Maine Turnpike Authority issued a statement at 1:30 p.m. saying the traffic blockage had cleared.

Southbound traffic was moving through the area at reduced speeds but northbound vehicles faced major delays as of 11:15 a.m.

State Police said the driver of a commercial truck was in the southbound passing lane when the driver’s side tire blew out, causing the truck to veer into the median, crashing into a guardrail.

The guardrail kept he truck from entering oncoming traffic, but the remains of the protective barrier were blocking northbound traffic.

The commercial vehicle crashed into the median at mile 50 just before 9 a.m., spewing debris in the passing lanes of both northbound and southbound lanes.

The crash initially caused delays between Exit 47 in Portland and Exit 53 in Falmouth in both directions, the authority said in a statement.

Nobody was injured in the crash.