YORK — York Hospital said it would cut expenses by 3 percent, or $4.8 million a year, through a range of actions such as developing a centralized appointment center, reducing contracts and supply costs and adjusting staff schedules to handle fluctuating patient volumes.

“We’re being asked to do more with less,” York Hospital President Jud Knox said in a memo to employees. “We’re looking at many ways to save money.”

York Hospital, which includes a 79-bed acute care hospital, 18 physician offices and five outpatient centers, said it won’t lay off any of its 1,200 employees. Hospital spokeswoman Dawn Fernald, however, said staff schedules may change to handle changes in patient volume.

In addition to the larger, long-term efforts at the hospital to cut costs, it recently implemented short-term cuts as well. For example, for a 90-day period, no employee would be able to accrue vacation time.

Meanwhile, Knox and other managers took a 10 percent salary cut and doctors under contract were asked to take a voluntary pay cut of 9 percent, Fernald said.