To the editor:

As a recent graduate of Morse High School (class of 2010), and a lifelong resident of Bath, I compel my fellow denizens and voters to support the candidacy of Jennifer DeChant for Maine House District 62, in the Democratic Primary on June 12.

I have known Jennifer for many years and I believe she’d be a strong contender on the ballot in November.

First, as a future young professional with an interest in returning to Maine to live and work, I believe that Jennifer has a better command of issues that face Maine’s younger work force today — the foremost being increased economic opportunity for a young educated work force.

Maine needs an influx of young people; an aging population cannot support itself. Young people are the future of Maine and voters must consider this.

This is a great opportunity to elect Jennifer, a candidate with a younger vision for the state of Maine. Civic duties should not be a retirement hobby, but a fulltime commitment to the people of House District 62.

Additionally, Jennifer brings her experience working as a young professional and raising a family with her to the State House. She is undoubtedly the candidate I trust most with my voice in Augusta. I trust her with the ability to make Maine, and Bath in particular, a great place to live 10 or 15 years down the road when I am looking to possibly raise a family on the banks of the Kennebec.

A vote for Jennifer is a vote for an experienced leader and a candidate with a deeper vision for Bath and Maine as a whole. Maine needs leaders who aren’t thinking simply in the here and now, but crafting policies that are further reaching and have a greater impact on young Mainers, attracting them to the state and keeping them here to live and work.

Now more than ever, Maine needs this deeper vision.

Again I urge fellow citizens to vote for Jennifer DeChant for House District 62 on June 12. Help elect a leader who speaks for Bath both young and old.

Kean T. McDermott