After listening to the Democratic debate aired live on MPBN, I am more fervent in my support for state Rep. Cynthia Dill to be the next U.S. senator representing the state of Maine.

Cynthia speaks factually and eloquently and has a clear understanding of the complexities of the social and economic needs facing our state and country. Her wisdom and thoughtfulness are measured by an ability to communicate simply and to the point. Words are not minced, concepts are not muddled.

As a nurse, I see the need for drastic changes in health care firsthand. Cynthia spoke cleverly of the need to mobilize against the most costly diseases, not the most unfortunate people. She understands the need for a strong preventive health campaign along with a reassessment of how we pay for this out-of-balance system. She is determined to find solutions to this multifaceted problem.

Equally, Cynthia has a strong handle on the challenges of our education system. As a parent, she is watching the same struggles many working families face as they try to prepare their children for a quickly changing future.

Primary schools, community colleges, universities, students, parents, teachers and administrators need a voice like Cynthia’s to protect the promise of a great and accessible education to all.

Cynthia Dill is a strong-willed, no-nonsense representative of democratic (the adjective, not simply the party) values. Knowledge of not only the domestic but also the international issues of today sets her apart from the other contenders for this job.

Please take the time to find out more about Cynthia Dill. I believe that her practical, stoic passion is just what Maine needs to foster a future of prosperity and good will.

Jessica Sobey

South Portland

Moonen will stand up for Mainers in need

On June 12 we will be asked to make an important decision: Who will be the strongest Democratic candidate to represent Portland’s West End, Libbytown and St. John Valley neighborhoods in the general election for State House representative?

After two years of watching the LePage administration and the Republican-controlled Legislature cut funding to vital state programs, pass tax cuts for the most wealthy, attack voting rights and education and ignore the needs of Maine’s most vulnerable citizens, we must elect a candidate who will stand up and fight back. Matt Moonen is that candidate.

Matt has proven that he has what it takes to be an effective state representative. Through his work as a strategist at EqualityMaine and on the marriage equality campaign, he was a leader in ensuring that every Mainer is treated equally under the law.

While working for Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, he fought to ensure that the influence of big money is taken out of politics. As a volunteer, he worked to protect same-day voter registration, and as vice chair of the Portland Democratic City Committee, he works to make sure that Portland is represented by strong Democratic voices.

As our next state representative, Matt will work to strengthen our public schools and ensure that every child in Maine has access to a quality public education. He knows that the strength of our communities starts with our children.

Matt will also fight for a fair budget, knowing that our government should work for all Maine people, not just a privileged few.

Matt has the strong voice, energy and experience that we need. I will be proud to vote for him on June 12.

Nicholas J. Morrill


Poliquin’s hiring policy symbolic of GOP values

I just got off the phone with a pollster for the Bruce Poliquin campaign for U.S. Senate. After speaking with her for a few minutes, I had the audacity to say that from her accent, I gleaned that she wasn’t from around New England.

“No, sir, I’m calling from a call center in Nebraska,” she said.  

I asked her if she thought it odd that she was getting involved in an election so far away. She told me that they were hired because it was a region in the country where they could pay below-minimum wages for the work.  

I explained to her that that was one of the reasons I couldn’t vote for a Republican in this year’s senatorial election. Who do you think is largely responsible for keeping wages low at the request of big business? The pollster wasn’t quite sure. Well, I have my ideas.

Roy Herrmann

Cape Elizabeth