PORTLAND — The Portland men accused in an April attack that critically injured a Standish man has  been indicted while the case against the other defendant has been dismissed.

A Cumberland County grand jury indicted 23-year-old Peter Tracy on charges of elevated aggravated assault and aggravated assault last week.

Nicholas Richards, 23, also of Portland, had faced two counts of elevated aggravated assault but the charges against him were dismissed last week.

The men had been arrested on April 6 following an incident outside of Shane Wescott’s home at Pine Tree Estates on Holiday Lane in Standish. The attack, which allegedly involved a baseball bat and a crowbar, resulted in life-threatening injuries to 29-year-old Ryan Wescott and put his brother, 25-year-old Shane Wescott, in the hospital.

The prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Bud Ellis, said a followup investigation was conducted in the weeks following the incident.

“When things got sorted out, we did not feel it was appropriate to charge him with any crime,” Ellis said.

No charges are expected against anyone else who was present during the incident, he said.

Ellis would not discuss the facts of the case today. At the time of Tracy and Richards’ initial court appearance in April, Ellis said the details still needed to be sorted out but that the initial information suggested that Tracy initiated contact with Ryan Wescott and that Richards struck Shane Wescott with a crowbar after he tried to help his brother.

Richards’ lawyer, David Bobrow, said his client was involved In a “mutual altercation.”

“Mr. Richards had nothing whatsoever to do with the major injuries that were sustained by the other gentleman,” he said.

Witnesses said there had been tensions between Tracy and Shane Wescott because Wescott was dating Tracy’s ex-girlfriend, according to an incident report from the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

Tracy remains held at the Cumberland County Jail on $100,000 bail.