How often are you given a chance to make history?

Control of the U.S. Senate sits precariously in the hands of the Democratic Party, and the outcome of this election could cement it or tip it into Republican hands.

It was Sen. Olympia Snowe’s if she wanted it, but she shocked the Maine political world by announcing in February that she was not going to run again.

Snowe held the seat for 18 years. It has been 16 years since Maine had an open seat for the U.S. Senate, and who knows how long it will be before there is another chance to make a choice that could have such a lasting impact.

All we have to do is vote. And we have to do it today.

This may be a party primary, but it is open to every eligible voter. Registered Democrats, Republicans and Greens have to stay on their party ballots, but independents can pick the race that interests them the most and register with that party long enough to vote.

People who are not registered can register and vote today in any primary that they choose. Those who are not sure where to go can contact their municipal offices for information.

Projections based on absentee ballot requests suggest that turnout in this race will be unusually low. That would be disappointing if it proves true, but it also means that every vote really matters.

The candidates have done their jobs. Now it’s time for the voters to do theirs. Make history — vote.