To the editor:

I write in response to Heather McClure McKinney’s May 30 letter titled “Government subservience.”

I enjoy each day, striving to appreciate the beauty of life, without doing harm to others. I do not fear those who share my neighborhood, nor do I fear individuals or groups of different backgrounds.

As a retired middle class individual, I strongly support the Occupy movements across our nation in their efforts to create a more just nation, one that recognizes the inherent worth of each person.

The millions donated to progressives by George Soros and others is exceeded by the millions donated to right wing causes by Crossroads GPS and others by a large factor, so just what is Ms. McKinney so scared of ?

I suggest Ms. McKinney educate herself about the concepts of socialism, Marxism and communism. She might start by looking up the definitions of each in a good dictionary.

She may then understand that President Obama’s policies fit none of them. I acknowledge Barack Obama as the elected leader of our nation. Ms. McKinney’s statements about President Obama and his wife are not based in fact, but seem rooted in her fears.

My concerns for the future include the local, state and national efforts by the GOP to curtail voting rights, ignore the reality of climate change and roll back environmental protections. Civil rights, women’s rights, worker’s rights, and human rights in general are under attack nationwide.

All these efforts are detrimental to the middle class, the backbone of our society.

Adair DeLamater
West Bath