PORTLAND — Voters in Tuesday’s Democratic primaries in Portland nominated Erik Jorgensen, Richard Farnsworth and Matthew Moonen for the Maine House of Representatives.

With 312 votes, Jorgensen easily beat former Cumberland County Commissioner Malory Shaughnessy (234) and Portland school board member Justin Costa (182) in House District 115, which includes the Back Cove and Deering neighborhoods.

Jorgensen said the low turnout surprised him – only 10 percent of registered voters cast ballots in Portland.

In the general election, Jorgensen will face Republican Christopher Jordan and Green Independent Party nominee Seth Berner.

In House District 117, Farnsworth (367 votes) beat Dauna Binder (174) and Anthony Donovan (59). The district includes the Stroudwater and Rosemont neighborhoods.

“I’m tickled pink,” Farnsworth said while celebrating at Bayside Bowl, which was a gathering place for Democrats on Tuesday night.

Farnsworth said he spent 13 hours at the polling place Tuesday on Stevens Avenue and knocked on nearly 1,800 doors during the campaign.

Farnsworth, who served in the House from 1996 to 1998, said he had better name recognition than his opponents.

“It’s a real vote of confidence, as far as I’m concerned, that the people I know like me,” he said.

Farnsworth said he will knock on the doors of independents and some Republicans for the general election. He will face Republican David Caron and Green Independent William Linnell.

Moonen (406 votes) beat Dillon Bates (190) in House District 118, which encompasses Portland’s West End.

In the general election, Moonen will face Thomas MacMillan of the Green Independent Party and Republican Chase Martin.

The district, perhaps the most liberal in Maine, sent Green Independent Jon Eder to the Legislature in 2002 and 2004.

The Greens will have four legislative candidates in Portland in November, and MacMillan probably has the best chance to beat a Democrat.

Moonen, former political director for EqualityMaine, said he and MacMillan have many of the same progressive values. He said the big difference is that he has more political experience.

“I’m going to be prepared to hit the ground running Day One in Augusta,” Moonen said.

The Republican and Green Independent parties had no primary races in the city this year.

Staff Writer Randy Billings contributed to this report.

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