DAMARISCOTTA — The Lincoln Theater will screen the film “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” at 7 p.m. Thursday.

A Lincoln Theater release describes the film as follows:

In 1995, during the making of his TV series “Triumph of the Nerds,” about the birth of the personal computer, Bob Cringely did a memorable hour-long interview with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who died in October 2011.

The film was shot 10 years after Jobs had left Apple following a bruising struggle with John Sculley, the CEO he brought into Apple.

At the time of the interview, Jobs was running Next, the niche computer company he had founded after leaving Apple and would later sell to his old company, enabling Jobs to return to his Apple roots.

During the interview, Jobs spoke about the digital future that one day he would do so much to make possible. In the end, only a part of the interview was used in the series and the rest was thought lost. But recently a VHS copy was found in the series director’s garage. Cleaned up with modern technology and put into context by Cringely, this unique and candid interview reveals as never before the burning passion of Steve Jobs.

The documentary is not rated. Tickets cost $9 for adults or $7 for seniors and children. Additional information can be found at www.atthelincoln.org.

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